Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year!

So, here we are in yet another decade - the fourth that my life so far has spanned. The crucial question is obviously what will this decade be named - the tens? the teens? the twenteens? Only time will tell!

My new year's resolutions -
1. Quit smoking. I am doing this rather begrudgingly, which leads me to think it will be harder this time than last year - in 2009 I didn't smoke from Jan-April. I need to convince myself that I want to quit smoking in order to succeed. Will keep you posted.

2. Quit biting the skin around my nails. I don't actually bite my nails, but the skin around them is getting to look like it needs some TLC. I've already caught myself absent-mindedly eating away at my fingers today, so this resolution will be more about recognising when and why I do it, and reprogramming this behaviour.

3. Generally - do more/learn more/play more/work more. Basically, stop wasting so much time on 'nothing'. Write more.

There are a few other things I aim to achieve this year, but this lot should keep me occupied 'til at least March.

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