Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Films and such

I have been half-heartedly applying for a few jobs lately, and have decided I am not in the right place in life to be tied down to a 9-to-5 kinda thing. Hence, at the moment I'm working a few times a week helping to recycle mobile phones. Mainly involves standing around a shopping centre and handing out business cards, and processing the phones that people bring in to be recycled (they get money on a card to spend at Brent Cross). I am not sure if my faith in humanity is growing or diminishing as a result of this - sometimes people are genuinely interested in what we do, and glad to finally have found a resting place for their old and decrepit mobile phones. But other times they can be downright rude, acknowledging my existence only in so far as to remind me that I am, in fact, nothing more than an inconvenient thorn in their side. In any case, I can definitely feel myself growing a tougher outer layer! I do, for the most part, enjoy it though, my shifts aren't too long and it is close to home.

So, other than that, I have been watching films. So here is my round up of the last few weeks' entertainment -

The Wicker Man: Weird, but entertaining. Make sure to watch the Scottish original. Funny 'sex' dance. Plot really keeps the intrigue going, and I loved the hare masks (though they were terrifying).

X-Men trilogy: Worthwhile for the story, but helps if you don't keep comparing it to the cartoons/comics (as I did). In any case, it doesn't match up to those. And obviously I am annoyed Storm does not have a major role in the films (though she's more prominent in the third one).

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: AMAZING. Best film I have seen in a long time. Just watch it. So many themes covered.

300: Only good for the special effects. But SFX do not make a film! Ridiculous 'baddie' in the form of a camp Persian with an unearthly deep voice.

He's Just Not That Into You: This is just not that good a film. In fact, it's awful. Its only 'saving grace' is Jennifer Aniston's character. The rest of the women are depicted as neurotic, slutty, or just plain pathetic. The guys are not very likable either.

Premonition: One of Sandra Bullock's less-known films, and I'm not surprised. Runs a bit like Memento, in that the order jumps around a bit. There are a couple of obvious plot-hole failures, but it's vaguely interesting 'cos you've no idea what's going on for the first half. Don't rent it, but it's watchable enough if it happens to be on the telly at some point.

Coco avant Chanel: Audrey Tautou puts in a spectacular performance, but the film lacks any real substance. It's got some charm to it though, perhaps that is just a natural consequence of it being French.

The Proposal: Liked the pairing of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Some chucklesome scenes, but really is just-another-chick-flick. Hated the pretty cringe-worthy ending.

So those are my 60-second previews. Fairly accurate methinks!