Monday, 4 January 2010

The Big Three

Right-o. So, according to what I have gleamed from Nick Robinson's Newsblog, the general election is on the cards for May. All fine and well, I'm sure we all saw that coming. But did anyone watch the Andrew Marr Show (aired Sun 3rd Jan, 9am)? No, probably not - neither did I, until I streamed it on iPlayer; [oh how I love technology, and especially my new laptop - get used to this, it will be a while before I am over the amazingness of this wonderful, wonderful machine, my apologies in advance.] So, if you're at all interested in British politics, I would recommend even a quick peek at the interview, it starts at 27mins and sees the 'underdog' talking about allsorts from terrorism, immigration, and the upcoming election.

Now. To the heart of it. I'd just like to draw your attention to the three main parties' websites in the run up to this crucial election period. Five months indeed does seem like a long time, but considering the current political climate, there's no time like the present to pick up those floating (mostly Labour?) voters.

Bless the Lib Dems, such is the combined weight of their self-esteem that there's a 'who are we' box on the home page. Come on guys, you're meant to be a mainstream political party! We're meant to know who you are, you want to run our country - put something more forceful on your home page!

The Conservatives, on the other hand, have no less than five various forms of publicising David Cameron to the masses - videos, speeches, photos. They must really want this win.

And finally, the Labour party. The most prominent feature on their page is a ridiculous quiz that forces you (because there is no 'close' button) to sit through ten questions aimed at naming-and-shaming ten Tories who have come out with some funny comments over the year. This Q&A suggests only that Labour have no real fight left in them, and have been reduced to playground-style battles.

Gordon Brown, I really want to like you. But you don't make it easy for me - or yourself for that matter.

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