Thursday, 8 October 2009

First post from BlackBerry!

Ok so as it turns out, apparently I can't get a blogger application for my BB in the UK. But not to worry as I am simply updating using my browser!

Since my last post I have also installed Google Maps app - will never again be lost! The novelty has worn off now though, I don't really tend to stray into unknown areas of London without first planning a route out anyway.

Currently, I am VERY annoyed with Royal Mail because I think they are taking the piss with this postal strike thing. We need our post, people! We also need our rail cards to get a discount for cross-country travel! All I want to do is get away to York for the weekend, but how can I justify forking out £70+ for a train ticket?! I guess you can't put a price on fun...

I have had a really bad week and as much as my optimism wins through most times, I am dreading whatever it is that fate has lined up for me tomorrow. So far this week I have:

- had fraudulent transaction carried out on my debit card

- been served dog-meat in a bun under the pretence of a vegeburger

- spent two hours in the rain killing time before meeting up with someone, only to have to wait another two hours (so that's four in total!) for them to show up

- thrown away my umbrella because it broke, the day before all the aforementioned rain

- lost more blood in the last 24 hours than during the length of any other period of my life [apologies for just sliding that in without any notice, but it's true!]

Not to mention all the countless other little niggles that have been pushing me further and further to the edge in the last few days.

So many parts of my life need sorting out but it's hard now that I'm at work 5 days a week!

On the other hand, I got head hunted for an investment bank. Apparently, it's in my best interest to go to a networking dinner with them. We'll see.

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