Monday, 20 April 2009


I watch Supernanny as religiously as I possibly can. In fact, probably even more religiously than I possibly could given that, when I was 'religious', I would attend Church, at most, twice a month in the leading months to secondary school applications. (We're going to hell, I know.) I think it's great that a woman with a larger figure is on our screens, she's a warm character and leaves the families with all the charm that Mary Poppins bestowed on the Banks family in the 1965 classic. But one thing puzzles me - how did she get that job?

My sister and I have come round to the opinion that Dame Jo Frost (as she is known in the fantasy world in my head) marched up to the Channel 4 executives in her suit, with that charming London accent of hers, and said -
"I go' an idea for a show! I'm gonna go 'round to dysfunctional families and do the whole of Great Britain a favour by teachin' the useless parents how to control their disruptive, unruly, child-like monsters. It'll be super.
"Oh, and I'll need a black cab."

If you happen to be swayed by this post and do a google search on her, don't click on her homepage because it has a virus. I'm off to remove said malware from the PC.

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