Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday 7th February, 10.15am, Weihai

I've woken up with a horrific hangover. It would be acceptable to sleep it off if we weren't about to go and meet Weihai's Mayor for lunch.

Engaging in "philosophical discourse"
Things I remember from last night:
- indulging in "philosophical discourse" with Keer's dad about the merits of philosophy, with particular focus on the German and Ancient Greek writers
- having an (allergic?) reaction to "rice wine" [though I have since found out it's not made from rice] - it felt like my throat was constricting every time I took a didn't put me off though (?!), until I was told my face and neck had gone particularly red
- eating delicious seafood hotpot (Weihai is on the coast)
- playing some particularly bad pool
- singing some particularly good karaoke
- dropping my contacts and their case on the floor in the bathroom and spending a quarter of an hour - in vain - trying to find them

Things I don't remember from last night:
- how I got to bed
- where I put my shoes
- what it is that I did that has resulted in my tongue feeling like it's been dipped in a bowl of boiling water

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