Saturday, 20 November 2010

E-Mail D-Day?

Apparently, Facebook aim to kill off email as we know it in the very near future - see here.

Just a short post tonight, purely for me to remind myself what constructing proper sentences feels like, and partly because I had a funny conversation about this with someone the other day; here are some reasons why this doesn't appear like a great idea to me:

- Employment. I don't see a future where a potential employer will take you on if you give your contact details as ""

- Business. Your work email address is free advertising for whoever you work for, and no one in their right minds will give that up.

- Documents. I bet I'm one of many people who regularly email themselves (and other people) various documents - "CV to print", "CV to check", "Plz proofread essay", etc etc. Given how much personal data Facebook stores about its members, and how readily it may potentially make that data available to third parties, will there really come a day when we'd be happy uploading such info to the Facebook servers?

And, following on from that last point, the article suggests that the new Facebook email will integrate all aspects of messaging in one convenient place. Again, do I really want Facebook to have access to my texts? And other such data?

[I'm starting to sound like I have a lot to hide..!]

So, to summarise -
Pro: limited spam
Con: loss of privacy

Tough choice, that.

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