Friday, 2 April 2010

Quarter-end Review

Easter is 8 days earlier this year than it was last year.

Unlike Christmas, which always falls on 25 December, Easter has a tendency to jump around different Sundays in March and April. This used to be a great source of confusion for me. Surely if Christians celebrate the 'birth of Jesus' on one particular day of the year, they should also celebrate the 'death and resurrection of Jesus' on one specific day of the year too? I have since found out that Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon after 21st March.

(...which still doesn't quite seem to explain why the jumping around is necessary. One's Anniversary of Death is, just like one's Anniversary of Birth, always going to fall on one day of the year! Anyway, I think I am past the caring stage now, I just appreciate the fact that we have a Bank Holiday and I can laze about for four days.)

So, a quick review of the success (or otherwise) of my year-to-date:

- No matter how good my intentions are, I am perpetually in the 'quitting' stage of smoking. At first when I quit, I would go five days without one, and then 'reward' myself for good behaviour by smoking a cigarette on the sixth day. (I should start my own brand of Warped Logic.) And due to large numbers of smoker friends, I tend to smoke a couple casually over a drink (or three). However, I am not viewing this as a failure, more as a need to readjust my attitude.

- My other resolutions have worked out alright, I suppose. Not really biting my fingers any more; (very important that I differentiate between the nails - which I don't bite - and the skin around them - which is the real problem. I sound like a cannibal!) Am possibly biting/chewing on my lips more, must investigate.

- Have started some workouts: 10mins stretches/warmups, 20mins abs, 10mins 'buns', 5mins press-ups. Am trying to work up the courage to go for a run. (Yes, courage is necessary. As I fear I won't be able to get past the end of my road.)

I am also now officially a full-time worker bee. And I don't hate my job(s)!

Happy Easter!

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