Tuesday, 14 July 2009

10 questions to which I have no answers

In no particular order...

1. What the fuck is the point of 'Nightwatch with Steve Scott'?! The only times I have ever watched this are when I have been too stoned to switch off the TV.

2. On a similar note, how is ITV still alive and kicking?!

3. Why do the Masterchef judges insist on shouting at the contestants and each other throughout the show?

4. Which idiot, or group of, decided that 'He's Just Not That Into You' was a film worth making? There are many bad films out there, but this will take a while to top.

5. Why is Gambit (and, to a lesser extent, Jubilee) not featured in the X-Men films (Wolverine Origins notwithstanding)?

6. Is swine flu really something to be concerned about, have the media just hyped it up too much, or is it some more elaborate form of propaganda designed to line the pockets of pharmaceutical CEOs? I honestly can't figure it out.

7. How will the necessary changes in social policy be made in order to realistically and effectively be able to help those in society who need it most? Too much pen-pushing goes on behind too many closed doors and too little gets done.

8. How battered do my converse have to be in order for me to accept that I have to invest in a new pair? This is an ongoing dilemma.

9. As is the question of will I ever be able to wear high heels comfortably? I used to think this came with age, but clearly not. The problem appears to lie in the fact that I think it insane to spend an evening drowning my feet in pain, and yet practising this inane act is the only way to overcome the issue.

10. What about the children? Will someone please think of the children?!

Hmm, I do appear to be quite angry tonight. Everything seems better after a night's sleep though. Fact!


  1. Question 5, their is no gambit because the guy who was supposed to play him, Michael Fox better known as 'that twat from Lost' pulled out last minute so they just took him out.
    Question 6, Swine flu will get worse second time around apparently because it will mutate into a stronger virus that can spread more effectively, whether this will happen or not I have no idea.
    The others someone else will have to help you out with.

  2. Qn 5 - Fair enough, Gambit case closed. Jubilee though... well she's quite an annoying character anyway.
    Qn 8 - Answer to this appeared with the rain on Friday. My feet had had enough.

  3. The trick with high heels is to start wearing them at 12 when everyone is struggling with them. Then by the time you're 20 it's natural. You kind of missed the boat... but you will still def be able to wear some heels. You want a low heel with a slight platform and straps that hold your feet in. As always I am available for shopping assistance :)